Steel & TMT Bars - Important Facts

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TMT bar is specially treated and high strength deformed steel bar. It is manufactured using the latest technology. This makes it superior in quality and strength compared to ordinary steel bars. Let’s take a look at a few important facts:
The TMT bars obtain their strength from Thermo-Mechanical Treatment they undergo. Under this process, ordinary steel bars are first subject to intense cooling (through quenching process in the Tempcore cooling system) just after they have come out of the rolling mill. The sudden quenching process reduces the temperature of the outer layer, thus, making it hard. However, the core remains hot. After further atmospheric cooling, it tempers. This makes the TMT bar ductile, super tough and gives high strength.

In ordinary bars, the excessive presence of carbon affects its weldability. However, this problem doesn’t exist in TMT bars. The carbon content in TMT bars is low, thus, improving its ductility. It is usually restricted to 0.2% to give the bars superior weldability without affecting its quality and strength. The joints of the TMT bars can be easily welded using ordinary electrodes.

TMT bars not only have better ductility and malleability, these bars are also earthquake, thermal and corrosion resistant. These bars do not lose strength at their welded joints and are safe to use for any kind of construction work.

However, check the quality and grade of the TMT bars before purchasing OMSAIRAM STEELS & ALLOYS PVT LTD provides free testing facility where you can check the quality of the bars before purchasing it. For more details on our TMT BARS VISIT:

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